The hotel culture

The enterprise culture is the action guide Brilliance Garden Hotel staff in all management activities believed in and put them into practice. We refine, consolidate, embraced and advocated, and in business management activities to implement the value concept of hundred-percent.

Management Concept:The guest of the hotel is God, we see the guest as family members.

Hotel Spirit:The guests as the center,Take the staff as the core, with the intelligence services, management intentions

Hotel Purpose: The guests’ interest before everything else, and the reputation of the hotel ahead of anything else.

Quality Concept:Detail oriented, the pursuit of perfection.

Values:Concentric, same direction, joint efforts; sharing, cooperation, sharing.

Management Localization:Management of zero defect, zero distance services.

Management style:With emotional management in the strict management.

The Six mutually:Mutual respect, mutual trust, mutual understanding, mutual care, mutual cooperation, mutual supervision.

Innovative ideas:Today do better than yesterday, tomorrow do better than today.

Development philosophy:Customer expectation to higher, we pursue better forever.

Work attitude:Smile, work hard, be grateful, happy life.

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